Love & The CityFebruary 24, 2012


It’s the last couple of days of spring vacation. It’s been a crazy whirlwind week. Working on the feedback we received on the book, walking through Gouda testing the walk myself with a real tourist and in between all of this doing fun things with little V.

Today my heart is bursting with joy because a dear family friend is getting married and it’s our anniversary on Sunday.

Thinking of weddings brings me back to this image, the City Hall in Gouda, where countless people have pledged their love.

Wishing you all a LOVEly weekend!

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  1. This is such a lovely image! very typical Vinita style! Would love to see this in the book, maybe even on the front page…! Have a great weekend will all the celebration! xxx

    • Thank you V!! We are looking into it! Thank you for all your support and all the good wishes!! xx

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