Five years since I have had the pleasure of getting to know my Muay Thai Trainer. Erik Roukens of Silent Dragon Holland.

This man is ambitious, focused, trains hard and finds a way to make his dreams come true. His passion for Muay Thai resonates and you can see the value he brings to his students.
From personal experience as a practitioner of Muay Thai, the life lessons I learnt at the training is something I will always carry with me.
One of those lessons being to lean into fear. As a fighter one is confronted with fear, your own shortcomings. Slowly you learn to break through those barriers, to challenge yourself even when you think you can’t anymore.
Eric’s motto being “if we can’t teach you nobody can.”
This confidence,dedication to his passion and tenacity makes him the extraordinary fighter and entrepreneur that can inspire others.


Here are some images to showcase the Business Erik runs.

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