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A Gift Session at the beach in The Hague

This beautiful evening session at the beach with Constanze was a gift to her from her children. They wanted to give her something unique that they knew she wouldn’t have considered doing for herself – a testament to the strong, independent woman that she is. 

After discussing the session at our consultation, Constanze had her hair and make-up done, and everything was set for our shoot. There was beautiful, golden light that evening and we got some memorable photographs on the sand and along the shoreline. 

It was lovely to be involved in creating memories for Constanze and her family in a way that honors who she is and what her kids love about her. 

A personal photography session can make an original and thoughtful gift for someone you care about, or even as a beautiful gift to yourself. I love photographing people and I’m always inspired by what comes out in the session, those spontaneous moments that emerge, and how they give expression to someone’s true character.