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Yvonne Hanssen Allenamento

Allenamento-Therapist | Yvonne Hanssen

I recently worked with my longtime colleagues, Lisa, Cigdem, and Moran to create a brand vision for Yvonne Hanssen and the multilingual website for her business, Allenamento. Yvonne is a therapist specialising in divorce, relationships, personal coaching and treatment. She offers personalised support for growth and well-being in a very unique way through Allenamento. 

We had a great time collaborating to create the perfect representation of Yvonne’s business identity through brand design, photography and web design.

It’s always such a wonderful feeling to visualise a concept as a team, and see how everything comes together to be a coherent expression of Yvonne’s business vision as well as an authentic portrayal of her. 

Before the photoshoot, Lisa and I worked through our usual process of asking explorative questions with the client, brainstorming, and creating a moodboard. 

The day of the photosession, Yvonne was the perfect model, despite her proclaimed nervousness! We were on location at ROOOMS in Maastricht, and also took some lovely casual shots outside on the streets with Yvonne and her dog, Winnie. 

I loved this shoot, and was pleased with the light we found and worked with that day and the ease with which Yvvone relaxed into the photo session. I’m happy to share some of her feedback on the process too: 

I have never looked so beautiful in a photo, and this photoshoot even made me more confident. The fantastic photo shoot day, which I was very very nervous about and even with my clothes chaos in a bag  Vinita and Lisa made it  feel that day like a warm bath and a gift. It was just fantastic. I wouldn’t want to miss it.

All of you who respected me and guided me through it despite my busyness and chaos. I’m glad you didn’t go crazy about my changes and last minute actions.

For me you are true artists and care providers in one.

You perfectly sensed what my request for help was, you did your utmost to get to the bottom of this, nothing was too crazy or too much and thinking out of the box is not unusual for you and this in a fantastic creative way to express. Cheers and crazy. I have no more words for it.

All in all, a fun and successful branding experience for everyone.

If you’re looking for a brand photographer who will help you delve into your strategy and vision, take photos that you love the way you look in, and empower you to feel confident and excited throughout the shoot, check out my services. I’d love to hear from you.