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In some way we all want to be seen. Don’t we?
Seen for what we do, for who we are and for all the things that make us unique.

I grew up in Japan, spent my youth in India and now I live with my teenage son in The Netherlands. Three very different countries. Three extremely different cultures. But what do we all have in common? The need to be acknowledged; the wish to be understood and a deep desire to save expressions of everything that makes us who we are.

Over the years I’ve learned to put aside the culture-tinted goggles we tend to wear and see the individual beneath. To see the uniqueness that you carry within you and bring it to the forefront so you can freely share it with the world. Be it the rare skill you offer through your business or the fleeting dimpled smile of your moody two-year-old.

I create a safe environment and dig deep, so the person you truly are – the person wanting to come out but is too shy to – has the space to come forward. And you can rest assured that I will be there, with my camera, ready to catch them before they slip away.