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Barbara is the founder of Be Rooted, her own school of compassion where she supports organisations and young professionals to cultivate their well-being, integrating mind, heart, body, and compassionate practices in order to experience a life of fulfillment. She is

Incase you think you are on the wrong side of Instagram, stick with me here. My new collection of fine art post cards are sympathy cards. You may ask why such a loaded topic?Birth, death and the meaning of life

This project was a complete rebrand for Chantal Vroom, a trainer and communications motivator who had recently moved back to the Netherlands from Switzerland and was looking for a fresh and inspired new look for her online business presence. We

I see photography as a form of visual language, a way to express a moment and suggest a feeling or evoke a thought, emotion or an idea. It is an interpretation of an image, just as language interpretation is a

As an eternal traveller who grew up experiencing life in very different countries and cultures, I am naturally drawn to artistic postcards. I love the way they connect me instantly to a specific time and place. I see them as