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Business & Branding Photographer- Sustainable Living- Pune, India

Sustainable living in Pune, India. I had the fortune of walking through this farm capturing elements of sustainable living in Pune.

Govind from Metro Estate Corporation has great plans for this beautiful piece of land which is creating container living, where each owner has their own patch of garden where they can grow vegetables ultimately living this slow sustainable life.

We did a business and branding session where Govind will be using these images for presentations, and to show the possibilites of what he would like to offer.

There are workshops, classes, trainings already taking place there where children have had various workshops in nature.

It was a pleasure working with Govind and get a peak into his new project with nature.

Creating visual content in alignment with a clients branding is a beautiful process. Your archive of images created especially for your business can be used for multiple channels which will in turn fuel your business.

Please feel free to contact me for your Business and Branding session or if you have any question on what kind of images we can create together for you.