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Business & Branding Photography-Ute’s Internaitonal Lounge


A short while ago I had the pleasure of having a business and branding session with Ute showcasing her business Ute’s Internaitonal Lounge.

Ute is a Language Consultant & Intercultural Communication Trainer and is very active in the community to spread her knowledge and it is this love of language is where we met several years ago.

This is the second time Ute has had her images taken within a year and it is such a pleasure to see Ute grow in her business and the creative ways she uses the images created specifically for her brand.

The image driven social media services has become one of the most important channels for reaching potential clients, and what I enjoy most as a photographer and business owner are the changing trends that stretch one’s capabilities.

This is why I have started offering Business & Branding images to showcaase your business in the most aunthentic way visually.

If you would like to book a session, please don’t hesitate to contact me.