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Personal Branding Photographer The Hague

Chantal Vroom-Communication Training

This project was a complete rebrand for Chantal Vroom, a trainer and communications motivator who had recently moved back to the Netherlands from Switzerland and was looking for a fresh and inspired new look for her online business presence. We joined creative forces as a full team on this project; Lisa Hall from Lemonberry took charge of project management and web design, Clarity Coach, Beth Farris worked with Chantal to define her unique brand direction, and graphic designer Cigdem Guven at Crocusfield Creative weaved her own artistic magic. 

Chantal’s warmth, generosity of spirit, and sincere approach to what she does are truly inspiring. Her positive energy is contagious, a quality that I believe easily shines through in the photographs I took and indeed is apparent in her business as a communication trainer. 

I love collaborating with other creative women to bring a vision to life. It’s thrilling to be part of a talented and enthusiastic team, and of course with such a fabulous client, who was present and passionate about the session despite the long hours and the fact that she was right in the middle of her international move. 

Chantal’s rebranding photoshoot is a shining example of how clear vision and excellent teamwork can bring about amazing results.

If this resonates with you as a business owner, entrepreneur, or individual creator of any kind, I’m here to discuss your vision. If you’re feeling drawn to freshen up your website, create new business portraits, an entire rebrand or maybe you don’t yet know exactly what you need, let’s start a conversation.. together we’ll find a way to express your vision.