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Italian newspaper coffee sugar and cake on a table with a womans hands holding the coffee cup

Chiara’s Tuscany | A Love Affair with Tuscany & the Italian language

Chiara and I met on Instagram some years ago now. It was one of those instant and rare friendships where you just resonate with someone immediately. Chiara has interviewed me for her blog in the past, where we discussed our shared passion for travel, our love for Italy, as well as my photography course, Love Thru Your Lens. 

Chiara, like me, has travelled extensively but now resides in her home country, Italy. She organises Language Study Holidays and Cultural Trips to Tuscany. 

Chiara wanted new photos for her brand, something lively to freshen up her image and inject new energy into her website. We had planned to meet on my trip to Florence, in May but somehow logistically it just wasn’t working out with our various dates and personal plans. 

What transpired instead was the possibility to meet in Brussels, and make the session happen there. 

This was an unexpected twist to the original idea that we had conceived for this shoot. The fact is, you cannot tell where we are as the focus is on Chiara herself. The interiors we chose work perfectly alongside our props, and give exactly the right vibe for these images. 

What I learned from this shoot was that as long as there is a plan and a coherent vision, the shoot can really happen anywhere and in essence, still be exactly what you had envisaged. 

What emerged visually was Chiara’s natural warmth and elegance, her vibrance, and her easy personality. I had faith in the change of location, because I knew that Chiara would make this session a joy to shoot and that I could trust my vision to come through. The result is a gallery of strong, beautiful images that really communicate exactly who Chiara is and what she’s all about. 

If you’re looking for new brand images for your small business, let me know. We can talk through your options together.