Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. (Henry Ford)

It is through the collaborations with the people mentioned below that I have been able to grow successfully as an individual and a photographer.

Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII)

As Henry Ford says “… working together is success” and WBII is a perfect example of how working together can bring about tangible success. WBII is a community of entrepreneurial women and through active collaboration the members create a professional platform and network for the promotion of their work. Through this network its members exchange their knowledge and experience. Having been on the executive board of the WBII put me in the midst of all this action and each member, in their own way, has been source of inspiration for my business and me.

The Bee’s Tour of Gouda Through Vinita Lens & Sample of Gouda

‘The Bee’s tour…’ and Sample of Gouda is a book that I worked on with Persephone Abbott. Persephone was the writer and I was the photographer. This collaboration was a perfect opportunity for us to find our own perspective and express it freely. This book about Gouda is an expression of this creative freedom and our expertise. In response to the success of the book we launched our own website: The Bee’s Tour With Vinita and have a blog called Nectar From Holland on the website of   Anglo Info South Holland.

Guest posts

Sharing our work can be a nerve-wracking and gratifying all at the same time, especially if the audience consists of like-minded people like those at The Creative Mama. And particularly if I’m given the opportunity to share some tricks of the trade, that anyone can use, like I did with these articles: Using Your Smartphone to Capture this Festive Season and 4 Great Family Photo Ideas for Amsterdam.

Images to Inspire Hope

Whether they are grainy images of your first pet or a ragged black and white photo of your first love; images, I believe are life’s treasure and have the potential to mend many a broken heart. With this in mind Natalie Carstens and I had created, Images to Inspire hope, an initiative to raise funds to help children and families affected by calamities. We hope that by raising funds through our photography and images, we helped mend more than a broken heart.