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Data Management Expert, Mentor, Trainer, and Speaker | Ronald Baan

A collaboration with Lisa Hall from Lemonberry Moran Greenwald from Data for Change and Cigdem Guven from Crocusfield. This photo session was a really good experience in working with some pretty challenging light conditions. Lisa and I were collaborating to create new images for Ronald Baan and his website. Ronald is a master in data management and data strategies with a substantial following on LinkedIn as a full time trainer and mentor. 

As frequent creative partners, Lisa and I had discussed our approach beforehand. We had a specific vision of what we wanted to create with our shoot, and how we wanted to bring out a sense of Ronald’s professional expertise through the images, at the same time conveying a friendly sense of what it’s like to work with him, through detail shots. 

Despite the light being somewhat against us that day – it was midwinter and the elements just weren’t complying – we got some excellent shots that we were all so pleased with. 

As a professional photographer, knowing how to adapt to weather, light and colour in a given location is a crucial part of the process. You have to think on your feet and trust in your overall vision to guide you to move a little outside the box. 

In this case, our session was a tremendous success and we created just what we had in mind with Ronald’s images. 

If you’re toying with the idea of a website revamp or perhaps you need some new professional business shots, I’m all ears! Check out my services and let’s talk.