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Fine Art Photography Amsterdam

E M P A T H Y • C A R D S

Incase you think you are on the wrong side of Instagram, stick with me here. My new collection of fine art post cards are sympathy cards. You may ask why such a loaded topic?
Birth, death and the meaning of life have always intrigued me since childhood. And I have noticed that when one encounters challenges, or a death of a close one, words can sometimes escape one’s lips for the fear of not wanting to say the wrong thing.
This is the reason why I created these cards. Someone told me once after she saw the white tulip card, that it was what she had chosen for her mothers funeral card and it brought her comfort. Everytime she looks at a white tulip she is reminded of her mother.
So if you don’t have the right words to say, let these cards say it for you. They were created during the lockdowns that we’ve been having when the world around us was on fire, and I looked to nature for calm.
I was very grateful that the florists were categorised as an essential store. This collection is meant to convey hope to the receiver when life gets challenging or if words escape you. Feel free to click on this link to order your pack of Empathy Cards.