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Vinita Salome Photography

Elizabeth Joss Bethlehem | Word Worx- English Communication & Training

My latest Business & Branding session with Elizabeth was focused on creating images for her social media posts for the entire year. Elizabeth is a communication/ marketing specialist and a native English copywriter, we have worked together before creating photos for her company website-Word Worx. Always a natural in front of the camera, Elizabeth has passion, drive and vision. Her desire was to create a kind of image bank for her business to pull from throughout the coming year. 

This kind of content planning is a super savvy way to set-up your social media business ahead of time. Having a variety of brand reflective photos to choose from means you can focus on staying organised, saving time, and knowing that you’re well prepared for future posts. You also get to ensure you will leave an impression on your audience and contribute to business growth. 

On the day of our session we were not blessed with nice weather to say the least! However Elizabeth’s flexibility, enthusiasm and vision for her business infused everything with warmth and positivity. 

I love seeing my clients come away happy and inspired by a photo session. 

My Business Content Session is designed for all kinds of entrepreneurs and small business owners who need guidance creating strong, impactful and high value content through images. If this sounds like you, please get in touch! I’d love to discuss your ideas.