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Personal Branding Photographer|Amsterdam| The Hague

Ge Koot – GK Moments

My shoot with Ge was all about creating the right kind of professional portrait photos that would convey her professionalism, warmth and ability to connect with people. Ge Koot is a party planner, and has worked in different business sectors and high profile events. Originally from Brasil but currently located in The Netherlands. 

If you’re looking to makeover your business site, your LinkedIn page, refresh your profile shots or simply breathe a little new life and energy for 2021 into your branding or social media, I’d be thrilled to help clarify your vision and create the images that speak to it. 

As with Gerlane , I will discuss your unique needs and find the perfect way to visually express your brand however you want it to be seen.  Solopreneurs, seasoned professionals, those just starting out or anyone who’s embarking on a powerful new journey with their business – all are welcome!