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Gouda Through your Lens

I see photography as a form of visual language, a way to express a moment and suggest a feeling or evoke a thought, emotion or an idea. It is an interpretation of an image, just as language interpretation is a form of communication –  a way to bridge the gap between two foreign tongues and create sense and meaning out of words.

As a photographer and an interpreter, I love combining these forms of expression in my work and a Photowalk through the picturesque, medieval streets of Gouda is the perfect opportunity for just that!.

I joined forces with Eikaiwa Holland, who teaches English to Japanese students, and we explored the city, combining English conversation with photography tips and insights along the way.

 Photowalks with English conversation in Gouda are a chance to see the city through new eyes. I will show you the beauty of Gouda’s hidden corners and angles, stunning facades, and secret spots. We will take our time enjoying the quaint streets on our way to the Waag – the cheese weighing station, followed by the square, city hall, and other beautiful points of attraction that stand out. We’ll also stop into a delicious bakery and then my favourite cheese shop, where you can sample just what makes Gouda so famous!

I find that photo walks are a really interesting way to get to know a place. You train your eyes to look for things you may have otherwise missed, while also experiencing all the lovely things the city has to offer.

If you would like to join a Photowalk you don’t need any special equipment, just your camera or smartphone and the willingness to open your eyes to the beauty of historic Gouda.