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Business & branding Photographer The Hague

Het Roepen van de Ziel-Training for Systemic Somatic work

This photo session was such a delight for me and everyone involved. This wonderful group of talented ladies – Rasa, Karin, Ilma, and Kim, have come together to create practical workshops and training for therapists who want to deepen and expand their knowledge of systemic body work. 

The Calling of the Soul training is all centered around content from the book, The Field of Attention, by Connie Van de Arand. It is a 10 day training for systemic work connecting body-oriented practices with family constellations.  The training explores deep work to reframe life issues from a different, more mindful perspective. 

I wanted to capture the way each of these strong-spirited women embodies mindful living and somehow bring that through in the images. Each of them have such a soulful, happy and uplifting presence and that was the energy I wanted to transmit through my camera. 

It’s such an exciting and life-changing project, these ladies are experts filled with passion and dedication for what they do. I was thrilled to be part of their journey. 

If you are looking for images that will perfectly represent all aspects of your brand, ethos, and vision, I would love to discuss the details with you.