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Jennifer Bartsch- Business and Life Coach

After the long weeks in lockdown, it was pure bliss to have the chance to get out and behind the lens again and even more so on this photo shoot with expat business and life coach, Jennifer Bartsch, who I had previously photographed with her charming family in The Hague for a group session. 

This time the focus was on Jennifer’s business profile and brand as a personal mastery coach, and a collaboration with image stylist Anne Bybjerg Moller, an expert in empowering her female clients with confidence and bringing out their distinct style. Anne and I have worked together a few times now, and each occasion has been a great success for everyone involved.  

With Anne’s style guidance and by knowing just what Jennifer envisioned for her portfolio, I focused on capturing the true essence of who Jennifer is and what she offers in her coaching business to her clients. 

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know you as a client, discussing your work, your brand and how you wish to be reflected in the world and then bringing out the light and beauty of what makes you shine in the photos I take. 

There is nothing more satisfying as a photographer than seeing a vision brought to life in images. 

Get in touch to discuss details and book a brand in images session with me.