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Life through your lens

These are uncertain times. Many of us have never experienced this level of uncertainty in our lifetimes, and hopefully after this, our children never will. Nonetheless, it is a pivotal moment for all of us on a global scale.

I think that when great change occurs, we can either stand in fear or learn to adapt and flow the best way we know how, in order to create positivity and beauty out of chaos. 

I know many people are still facing huge change and upheavals as the situation continues to unfold.

I believe that if there is anything positive to be unearthed from the events of the last year, it can be this: A deep appreciation of our lives and a shift in perspective. A refocusing of whats important and pure gratitude for the simple yet beautiful things that get us through tough times. 


Why I created this course?


The course “Life Through Your Lens” was born out of my desire to infuse the tension and uncertainty of what was unfolding in the world with creativity. 

It was initially designed as a reaction to the lockdown. Like many of us, I yearned for “normality” and could feel a strong need for stillness, calm and creative reflection.

Drawing on my years of experience as a photographer, I knew that creating a simple and regular practice of observing the beauty and stillness in everyday moments would have the power to heal and inspire – hence the creation of Life Through Your Lens.”

By slowing down and observing the beauty that exists all around us, it becomes easier to cope with the much bigger things, those that we cannot control. 

There is such peace to be found in observing everyday things – the sunlight as it strikes the walls in the morning, the reflections in a puddle, or the textures and colours of the trees. 

I felt drawn to focus the course on the joy of flow and finding mindful moments through process rather than needing specific technical skills or striving for a certain artistic result. 

In many ways the course is a form of meditation, a living, breathing process that soothes your soul and opens your mind to the beauty contained in each moment of life. 

What are you grateful for?

What makes you happy in the midst of chaos?

What simple things do you appreciate about your daily life?

Where do you see beauty hiding?

With this course, I want to show you how to visually document every single detail of your life that evokes these feelings of appreciation, joy and gratitude. 

There has been a wonderful community of photographers and creatives following the course since it launched at the end of April and sharing their experiences and supporting one another in our Facebook group. 

It has been a joy to see how the 15 days of creative prompts included in the course have guided people to find simplicity, happiness and flow. 


All the details:


Two One to One individual sessions of 45 minutes each with me to guide you through the Mindful Photography course, Life Through Your Lens”

A pre-session questionnaire to give you a chance to reflect on your creations and discover what you would like to focus on in your individual sessions.

A digital copy of the course Life Through Your Lens” 

Includes 15 days of creative prompts designed to be followed every other day, leaving you time to reflect on your creations between tasks.


You will also receive..

Extra creative prompts and challenges: Individualised prompts to continue your exploration of mindful photography after our sessions. 

Membership of our facebook group: to connect with other photographers taking part in the course and share and publish your creations. 

With this Course You will…

•   Gain clarity on your creative vision       

•   Tap into your innate ability to feel joy     

•   Learn to see things with new eyes

•   Find flow and simplicity 

•   Relax your expectations of results and enjoy the process

Learn to show up for your creativity regularly with passion and enthusiasm 

•   Feel supported and seen 

•   Grow a creative practice to support you through hard times. 

You do not need special photography skills or equipment to sign up for these sessions.

This is designed for anyone and everyone who wants to find well-being and peace of mind through photography. It’s a chance to become grounded, connected and open-minded to all that is around you every single day.  You can follow this link to purchase the course