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Life through your lens

The magic of photography is noticing things. I feel now more then ever we need to be reminded of the beauty that exists in our lives and express gratitude for it.

This is why I was inspired to design this course to help you create happiness and gratitude through mindful photography.

The course is a self-study downloadable PDF format. There are 15 days of creative prompts designed to be followed every other day, this gives you time to reflect on your images on off days!

My intention of the course is for you to start becoming more observant of your surroundings and this will lead to being appreciative of all the details in your life. It will stir the love foe life you already had in your life but perhaps has been deeply hidden with the circumstances we all find outselves in.

The course has been valued at €333 and currently I’m offering it at €49,95 because I want it to be accesible to you in this time.

I am opening a few spots for 1:1 which will include the course and a 30 minute online session for €111.

In order to purchase your course please click on this link