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LOVE through your lens

I am so excited to announce the launch of my second mindful photography course, Love Through your Lens. My first course, Life Through your Lens was created during the global pandemic. It was born from a desire to help people shift their perspectives and focus on simple, beautiful daily moments. 

Since its completion, I have been thinking a lot about how I can best be of service in our post-pandemic world. I realised that immersing ourselves in love is the best way to cope with challenges. Without sounding simplistic or cliche, love really is all around us, when we care to look for it. I’m sure we’ll all agree, our world can always do with more love.

This idea of observing love in everything around you inspired the creation of Love Through your Lens. What started as an idea for a new course quickly transformed into a personal exploration of my inner world. As I developed the course, the creative process allowed me to contemplate my own ideas about love, enabling me to unearth some of my own patterns and preconceptions. 

As a result, Love through Your Lens is a truly authentic expression that I am grateful to share with as many as possible. 

Love is universal. It connects us all.  My intention is that this course nudges you to open yourself to new ways of seeing love. To recognize that love is everywhere, from the mundane to the miraculous, and most of all that love lies within. 

As you choose to focus upon love, you will create more of it. And through the photographic process, you will capture images that spark ideas, contemplations and new ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling. 

The course is a 12 day Visual Diary, where you can track your progress through your photographs. 

There are 12 creative prompts for you to follow, but you may take part every other day and use the days in between for reflection. 

The most important thing is to see the course as a creative, self-exploratory space where you have no specific expectations, but rather you have surrendered entirely to the process. 

My desire for everyone who takes part in this course is that you experience happiness, flow, and reflection in the journey. 

There is no right or wrong way of doing this. No fancy equipment is required. Your eyes are your lens.

Love through your Lens encourages you to discover your individual understanding and expression of love.

Through sharing your work, you may learn just how universal that is and how far-reaching one image can be as it impacts another person’s life. That is the true power of universal love.

Interested in learning more about Love Through your Lens? Click here to sign up.