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Two women looking through a magazine

The IN-House Magazine Launch for Vrouwen van NU

I’m so excited to celebrate the launch of the Vrouwen van NU magazine this month – a unique photography project that has been such a fantastic experience for me. 

Vrouwen van Nu is the biggest women organization in Holland, with some 22,000 members focused on taking part in social initiatives, activities, and workshops. 

The director, Erica Van Engel, has been a client of mine and asked me to be the photographer for the magazine, creating portraits to represent each of the women being featured. The quarterly magazine is stunning, with a freshened up, rebranded new look and feel. 

What an honor to collaborate with this group of inspiring, entrepreneurial women, including Petra Drogt, from Wow Creative , who designed the magazine, Fiona de Jong from Vice Versa – in charge of communications and coordinating, plus all the amazing team at Vice Versa. 

I’ve had such an illuminating time listening to each woman’s unique story and working alongside the journalists. This project has required a much more photojournalistic style and approach from me, connecting with each woman and translating the essence of their stories into images that encapsulate what they are all about. I’ve had the chance to travel to places I have never been all over Holland, and have felt so inspired by the voices of these women. 

It’s a great feeling of achievement to see my images transformed from screen to print, gracing the cover of this elegant magazine. The first cover is in fact a former member of European parliament. 

All in all, this has been such an empowering and creatively stimulating experience, one I cannot wait to continue.