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As an eternal traveller who grew up experiencing life in very different countries and cultures, I am naturally drawn to artistic postcards. I love the way they connect me instantly to a specific time and place. I see them as tangible memories, snippets of life caught on camera and shared with those we care about. 

Perhaps it’s the memory of receiving postcards from my dad as a child while he was on his travels, or maybe it’s just that they have become so rare in our current technologically fast-paced world – there is something about receiving a postcard from some far-off place that re-ignites my wanderlust and fills me with joy. 

My collection of travel postcards were created from my heart and infused with the happiness I felt as I discovered the perfect shot to encapsulate my love for a place. 

My wish is that they bring you the same feeling of inspiration and happiness.

They are made to be keepsakes, frameable as a collection or alone. They could be used as greetings cards, invitations, thank you letters – or whatever you decide!

I see them as a poetic nod to the past, a less complicated time where we dreamed of adventure and trips to unknown places. A reminder that when we look back at our lives, it is often the simple moments that we cherish. That delicious morning coffee in the Italian sunlight, a day spent wandering the ancient streets of a beloved city. 

I hope they remind you just how special it is to receive a postcard from someone far away, that glimpse into a different place, connecting friendships and memories across the world.