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Podcast Interview: gratitude and falling in love with life


Image by Tanja de Maesschalk

I was so excited to be interviewed by my friend and host of MultiWoman & Co Podcast, Claudia Ira Gan back in October when I was in India. In this, the first of three interviews on her show, we talked about everything from how multicultural perspectives have shaped us, child raising, all things mindful, the power of gratitude, ways to keep yourself happy in a pandemic and the importance of your mindset to be in rhythm with the Universe.

There is nothing better than connecting with like-minded people to discuss topics we are passionate about. Like me, Claudia has led a multicultural life being born and raised and having lived and worked in different countries and cultures. In this episode, I touch on my own gratitude practices and the importance of falling in love with the complex beauty of the world.

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