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Podcast with Julie Kennedy-Life through your lens

It was such a pleasure to chat with my friend Julie Kennedy on her podcast Fabulous After Fifty! We managed to cover everything from life, death, beauty, and Buddhism in this inspiring conversation. I share details about the themes of interpretation and expression that inform my work, as well as the reasons I created my Mindful photography course, ‘Life through your Lens’, and how to become more appreciative and grateful for each moment. We also delve into why I created my Empathy Card collection and talk about how a carefully chosen image can communicate what’s truly important in a moment of sorrow and sympathy when words won’t suffice.

As an added bonus I share some easy tips that anyone can use to start capturing beautiful visual moments every day through photos, using that practice to train not just your eyes, but also your mind to focus on things that make you feel happier, calmer, and able to deal with challenges.

It’s always a pleasure to chat easily and openly with great, like-minded women such as Julie – I hope you enjoy the podcast and maybe something in our discussion will empower and inspire you towards a new way of looking at the world!

Interested in purchasing my course Life through your lens or the Empathy cards? Please feel free to follow the links attached.