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Life & Love through your lens


Two Mindful Photography Courses for 75 Euros (for a limited time)


Have you felt overwhelmed by the events of the past 3 years?

You are not alone. The vast majority of people have experienced some form of stress and anxiety, sometimes even on an unconscious level.


My two mindful photography courses, Life Through Your Lens and Love Through Your Lens offer the perfect, creative antidote to feelings of uncertainty, worry and fear.

I designed both of them from a strong desire to help people see the beauty that’s always present in the world, no matter what is going on.


As a professional photographer and storyteller, I know how important it is to make creative flow a non-negotiable part of my life. To me, mindfulness and photography have a perfect synergy. By focusing your attention on details such as the light on the wall, the curl of a flower petal, or the ripple of waves on a pond – you are experiencing a powerful state of presence that can transform your mood, your energy and your entire life.


How it Works


Each course follows a similar format. There are a series of creative prompts which guide you to visually document details of your life.


In Life Through Your Lens, the focus is on seeking the details that evoke joy, appreciation and gratitude.


In Love Through Your Lens, the focus is on finding Love everywhere you look.


You need no professional equipment or training to take part. These courses are designed for you to push the limits of your creativity with whatever tools you have available.


What’s Included:


A digital copy of the course “Life Through Your Lens” AND a digital copy of the course “Love Through Your Lens.”


Life Through your Lens


Includes 15 days of creative prompts designed to be followed every other day, leaving you time to reflect on your creations between tasks.


Love Through Your Lens


Includes 12 creative prompts for you to follow. They act as a guide for you to discover new ways of seeing and capturing what love means to you.


You can follow the prompts every other day and use the days in between to reflect upon your creative work.


Begin the New Year with mindfulness and gratitude for life and truly begin to create the future you want.


Learn how to


  • Grow a creative practice to support you through hard times.
  • Gain clarity on your creative vision
  • Tap into your innate ability to feel joy
  • Find love all around you.
  • See things with new eyes
  • Find flow and simplicity

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Vinita Salomé




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The story


My new course, Love Through Your Lens evolved quite naturally from my first course – Life Through Your Lens. The latter was created during the global pandemic. A response to the uncertainty and difficult challenges that were occurring all around us.

I am so grateful to know that it helped others focus their attention on discovering the ever present beauty of life through simple, daily images. After it was completed, I began to think about how I could continue to use my creativity to be of service to people in our shifting world.

I came to the pure and simple realization that love was the answer. Immersing ourselves in love is the best way to cope with challenges. It might sound simplistic or cliche, but love really is all around us, when we care to look for it. It is what connects us universally. And I’m sure we’ll all agree, our world can always do with more love!


Why I created this course


This idea of observing love in everything around you inspired the creation of my course, Love Through your Lens. I firmly believe that love is at the center of everything. It is why we are here. Love can change the world, one person, one conversation, and even one image at a time.

It is a universal truth that as you choose to focus upon love, you will create more of it, increasing the abundance and flow of love in your life.

Just like Life Through Your Lens,  Love Through Your Lens is much more than a photography course. It’s a mindfulness practice. A meditation. A flow.  A form of creative expression that opens your heart and soul to see, feel, and appreciate more of the things that make your life experience uniquely yours.

As I discovered for myself during the creation of this course, it is also a journey into understanding what love means to you. An uncovering of where your ingrained patterns may have blocked you from a full experience of love. A gentle lesson in self-love as well as an opportunity to notice and record love everywhere you see and feel it, from the mundane to the miraculous.

Through the photographic process, you will capture images that spark ideas, contemplations and new ways of seeing, thinking, and feeling.


How it Works


There are 12 creative prompts for you to follow. They act as a guide for you to discover new ways of seeing and capturing what love means to you through your camera (or phone).

If 12 days in a row doesn’t work for you, I recommend taking part every other day which makes it 24 days in total. You can use the days in between to reflect upon your creative work.


With this Course You will…


  • Discover what love really means to you.
  • Learn to see love in new places
  • Find creative flow
  • Experience the joy of the present moment
  • Expand your understanding of love in abstract ways
  • Ignite a creative spark within you
  • Increase the amount of love you experience in your life
  • Relax your expectations of results and enjoy the process
  • Learn to show up for your creativity regularly with passion and enthusiasm
  • Grow a creative practice to support you through hard times.

As with Life Through Your Lens, You do not need special photography skills or equipment to sign up for these sessions. Your eyes are your lens.

This course is for anyone and everyone who is drawn to finding joy, peace of mind, and experiencing an abundance of love through photography.

Sometimes the simplest of actions can produce the most life-changing results.

The most important thing is to see the course as a creative, self-exploratory space where you have no specific expectations, but rather you have surrendered entirely to the process.

Love through your Lens encourages you to discover your individual understanding and expression of love.Through sharing your work, you may learn just how universal that is and how far-reaching one image can be as it impacts another person’s life. That is the true power of universal love.

I know you will be surprised at the beauty you uncover.

What’s Included

A digital copy of the course “Love Through Your Lens.” (A downloadable PDF).

Includes 12 days of creative prompts designed to create a Visual Diary, where you can track your progress through your photographs.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


Vinita Salomé








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