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Your Business Through Your Lens


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As a business owner creating a set of professional visual imagery that reflects your brand is key to catapulting your business. Your images are seen everywhere, your website, marketing materials, visiting cards etc. This is what we do at a Business & Branding session where we create a set of images that reflect your brand and to a certain extent your personality to make sure the audience you are talking to takes a step closer to get to know you and your brand.

As a small business owner, I understand that professional images taken throughout the year may not always be accessible to you.

What do you do in between your photo sessions when you have to create posts for your various social media channels.?

I would like to teach you to create better visual content for your brand using your smart phone to bring you a step closer to your audience. With this course our intention will be to create 15 smartphone images for you to create content on your social media channels every other day.

Whats Included:

  • A pre-session consultation to give you a chance to  discover and decide what you would like to focus on in your individual session.
  • One individual sessions of 90 minutes each with me to guide you through your content creation and your photography questions answered. This can be online or in person at my home studio.
  • A digital copy of the course Life Through Your Lens.” Includes 15 days of creative prompts designed to be followed every other day, leaving you time to reflect on your creations between tasks. This course will help you to start noticing your surroundings which in turn will help you with future content creation for your Business.
  • A post session check in either via email or text message to share what came up and to share my feedback to further you on your journey into creating content for your Business.

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