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Rawia Liverpool -Recipes4Change NLP Coach & Therapist based in The Hague

“Is it time for you to take action in order to change your beliefs and therefore your destiny?” It has been such a pleasure to have re-connected with Rawia from Recipes for Change and be able to contribute with images in her re-branding process. It was such a beautiful process to get to know Rawia and hear her talk about her business and translate that into images. Rawia wanted the images to reflect her roots and showcase her business in where she consults with her clients and through our preparation beforehand we were able to showcase her business in the way that resonated with Rawia and her branding.

As a business owner creating a set of professional visual imagery that reflects your brand is key to catapulting your business. Your images are seen everywhere, your website, marketing materials, visiting cards etc. This is what we do at a Business & Branding session where we create a set of images that reflect your brand and to a certain extent your personality to make sure the audience you are talking to takes a step closer to get to know you and your brand.

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