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Business & Branding Photographer The Hague

Shannon – Business Portrait Session

I love doing portrait sessions for my clients who are seeking photos that capture both their corporate and more casual sides. There’s a fun, artistic challenge in finding the subtle differences that speak to different character traits and expressing them visually through my photos.

 Having always been in corporate, Shannon’s shoot was all about portraying her softness, bringing out her playful, authentic self, as well as some more business-style portraits. She needed photos to promote a speaking gig she had coming up at the ‘Cantadora Experience’ in August, a virtual retreat centered around the transformative power of story.

 For this specific, more spiritually focused event, Shannon wanted profile shots that complimented the vibe of the retreat, showing the side of her that connects with others on a deep level. She also needed up to date profile shots for her more corporate endeavours. We were able to get both done in one session.

Whatever your purpose or requirements are, I can work with you to find new ways of expressing your image to the world through photography that communicates just what you need it to.