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Stefanie Thomas- Health Coach The Hague

Stefanie is a holistic lifestyle coach, digestion expert and mindfulness practitioner whose work is characterised by her compassionate and focused individual approach to each of her clients. She came to me following a disappointing photo session she had had with a different photographer a couple of weeks prior to our shoot. I’m pleased to say she was very happy with the results of our session together! 

Stefanie’s shoot was another collaboration with image stylist Anne Bybjerg Moller. We worked together in a few different locations to focus on capturing Steffi’s vision for her website and branding images, portraits that would really contain the spirit of what she’s all about.

I’m so glad we met her high expectations, and that she was pleased with the way we portrayed her business. 

I always prioritise the human connection necessary to create beautiful images that speak to a certain mood, brand or vibe. It’s an in depth process that requires creative planning. If you’re interested in discussing a visual story for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.