This shop is where I display my private work of my wanderings.

When I was a child my Dad used to send us postcards from all his travels and it always evoked joy, wonder and instant connection.

This is what started Post Card Monday on Instagram where once a week I send out 10x15cms Art Prints out to the first person who tells me why they like to receive a postcard and this is what some people told me why they like receiving postcards.


I looooooove this image so so much!! 😍😍 I love handwritten notes and postcards and the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you receive an actual physical note 🙂 also rainbows make me very happy ❤️❤️


I love postcards, too! They reminds me of peaceful and relaxed holidays, when time passed by without the need of looking at the watch. A postcards represents for me a happy thought from someone, and to receive one would be wonderful. 😊


I would love to receive a postcard of this image! I love postcards and actual prints and images of towns/cities.


I would love to receive a postcard simply because I haven’t in a lifetime!! Just for the nostalgia ❤️


When my grandmother died and we had to empty her house, I found the postcards I used to send her. Written with very simple words, as she never had the chance to go to school as a refugee, she could hardly read French A few words sent to my mémé. I have kept those cards to remind me those times when I had a grandmother. ❤️


I adore Post Cards because like letters they are tangible and you can carry them with you in your purse or backpack and take them out and reread them again. The best part of a post cars is you get the same benefits, but with a photo or art from a distant (or not so) location that is an adventure in itself. I always send Post Cards from my travels to friends and family because it is a way of connecting us across land and water to the adventure we are having and wanting them to share in the adventure as well. 😍

My hope for all my clients is to evoke this same emotion in you once you have decided which image speaks to you to adorn your walls.

Please have a browse enjoy yourself and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:

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These images are printed on Matt FineArt Textured paper 310 gsm, 100% Cotton.

Please send me a message if you would like to purchase the following sizes or framed prints in specific enlargement sizes.

40x60cms: € 75,00

30x45cms: € 66,00

20x30cms: € 24,00

10×15 cms: € 8,00

*The watermark will not be printed on the final product.

** Frames and Mats are not included.

***Shipping will be charged extra.