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Your brand in images

The images you use tell a story of your business and brand. They are a powerful tool with which
you can express what you do, how you do it and what sets you apart. With one glance at your
photos, be it on your website or social media, your client forms a connection with you. And we all
know how important first impressions are.

So, what is the story you want to tell? How you do want to appeal to your clients and build a long-
lasting connection? And above all, how can we share this story through the medium of images?

How can we tell your story?

Through my Brand in Images sessions we collaborate on answering these questions together.

First, we create a mood board with all that sets you apart and how we can visualize this.

Then against a backdrop that reflects you and what you do, I will create a set of images. These
images will tangibly reflect your brand, bring out and crystallize your personality, your work and
what sets you apart.

Book a session

The Brands in Images sessions can be booked throughout the year. They are currently available
in The Netherlands and on occasion in Italy and India.

The nitty-gritty

Once you book your session, we will fix a (video) call to plan the sessions. This call usually takes
30-45 mins. We will discuss locations, ideas, clothes, etc. This planning is vital for a successful
session. We will meet in person at the agreed-upon location for a 90 min photo-shoot.

Once the session is over, I will cull and edit the images for you. These images will be available in
an online gallery where you can choose the images you’d like to purchase.

Get in touch for more information!