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Your family's memories

Almost all people have a shelf of photo albums or a box of old family photographs that they show
their friends, new boyfriends, children or grandchildren. These snapshots of time and people are a
peek into who we are and how we became who we are. Being able to look back at these
moments frozen in time and sharing them is a true treasure.

How can we crystallize your family’s memories?

What setting best describes your time here? Where do your children’s eyes sparkle with joy?
Where do you and your boyfriend get your morning coffee? Set amidst the Dutch backdrop, or
your favorite haunt, the Families’ Memories sessions offer a glimpse into your family’s life in The

Book a session 

 The Families’ Memories sessions can be booked throughout the year. They are currently
available in The Netherlands and on occasion in Italy and India – depending on when I travel

The nitty gritty

Once a you book your session, we will fix a (video) call to plan the sessions. This call usually takes
30-45 mins. We will discuss locations, ideas, clothes, etc. This planning is key to having a great
session. We will meet in person at the agreed upon location for a 90min photo-shoot.

Get in touch for more information!